Microcurrent Facial Rejuvenation aka The Natural Face Lift

Microcurrent is a very minimal electrical current closest to the body’s own natural electrical current. It can be used to stimulate collagen formation, ATP, shorten or lengthen muscles, smooth skin, minimize scarring or wrinkles, even skin tone and color, and more. When microcurrent is combined with therapeutic essential oils, the oil benefits are amplified.


Our treatment includes using microcurrent to also treat master meridian balancing points as well as non-needle acupuncture treatment of points specific to the facial protocol. Lifestyle and nutritional advice help to bring additional benefits from the inside out. The results bring much more than beautiful facial results. Clients often feel better overall with improved sleep and other health and wellness benefits.


This relaxing and pampering treatment will give visible results in just 30 minutes.

More details: https://sway.office.com/54Rch4sav6t5OSmP?ref=Link